Saturday, November 21, 2009


Dear Nazwan and all,
I have been thinking of you lately and because of that, I have been constantly going back to our Set40 blog, hoping I will listen from you. Thanks to Allah, I finally get the 'voice' from Nazwan. Oh dear! I couldn't describe how happy and touched I am at this time. Thanks for coming back to Set40 Nazwan. I hope, trully hope others will be coming back here too.

Please update me dear Nazwan and everyone. I would love to reconnect with all of you.

Love...Kak Salmiah
Makati CBD. Manila

Sunday, November 08, 2009

bersua kembali

today i open this blog after two years but didn,t active. i'm very sad about that. it's memorable to me and my english class. i hope to all my friend for activate this blog again. i miss u all and my teachers.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

love u madam.........

salam ..........
hello everybody, so what's up now?
miss all of you....
miss to madam too..........
hopefully madam still remember me...

Sunday, July 08, 2007



" Apy besday 2 u.."
"Apy besday 2 u.."
"Apy besday 2 u ajuuuu..."
"apy besday 2 u.."

...MAY ALLAH BLESS U.. (^_^)


Thursday, July 05, 2007

~yupp my beloved madam~

emm i think our group juz got a bit differ marks n presentation to other groups..dats why we cnnot be a winner!huhu..but luckily..8.5% is quite satisfied..emm its okey...otherwise now evrything is over..we juz waiting 4 da result in this short semester...THANKS MADAM..WE WILL ALWAYZ REMEMBER N LOVE U.....(pasar malam is important too!heeheh...)see u yaa..!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Wrapping up

Assalamualaikum and good day everyone!
I know this is rather a late feedback from me. I have to apologize but I guess it is better than never for me to respond to all of you. First of all, congratulation for the success of your drama production. Your group might not beat other groups but you get among the highest score...8.5%! Congrate!!! I get so delighted and touched to see your efforts and those photos, I know you really enjoyed performing "Snow White". I just can't help regretting the fact that I wasn't able to be there for you. So many things happen to me lately that sometimes, I feel very uncertained and pressured. But you people, you have all lighten up my days. Second, after the 7 weeks of hard works, it's timely for you to rest your mind and body before you resume your tasks as undergrads k. When you get back to campus, start anew. You may be taken aback if your exam result does not reach your expectation. But, it should not be the reason for you to stop trying and to keep lamenting. Instead, it should be the reason for you to work harder and pray much often. If you result is rather impressive, it should not be the reason for you to sit back. Instead, it should also be the reason for you to strive more for excellence. Life is full of challenges , but those challenges are essential to keep us alive and improved.
I would like to thank everyone again for the nice moments I have had with all of you. I remember every single one of you though I might not approach you as frequent as I approach some of you k. It is my hope that we can continue visiting this site from time to time. Take care everyone, just please don't stop picking up English and see you again! (Pasar malam? he..he..hee.. or via this site K)

Lots of love from...Kak Salmiah

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

~ByE2 My FreNZ....~

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